Thursday, 12 September 2013

Not a trouble of today

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Lyrics – Not a trouble of today
La la la la ….
Well, you know, I’ve a got a trouble
That I’m wondering about now
And the Lord showed to me
And I realise
It is not a trouble of today.

It’s about tomorrow
When something happens
So I needn’t worry about it now
Not today
Not today
It is not a trouble of today

So I’m free from it
Today has got it’s problem
Got to face the troubles
Got to face the problems
Got to find the solutions
For today
That is all that I need to do
Just face the troubles of today

And there are no troubles
To speak about
‘Cos what was troubling me is not for today
So I am free and relaxed
I can go to sleep
‘Cos today is over
Today is over
I just lie down
I must dream
It’s the night now
The day is ended
There is no more of today to be had

Had a good day today
Did so many things
Didn’t have any problems that I found
That the Lord
Solved them for me
And He showed me a way

So today is over now
I just got the night

Just got to sleep now
And relax
And rest tonight
It is something that I need
I need a good night’s sleep

That’s the trouble that’s remaining
For today
In the night

Lead guitar….

Ooh, already
I feel sleep
Coming over me
So I’m gonna sleep
And I hope
That I see
And I get refreshed when I wake
It’s a secret
Don’t see my dreams
Because you’ve got your own
So please take care of them
And I’ll take care of my own
Got to do that today.

Not a trouble


Family day

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Lyrics – Family day
La la…..
Happy Friday!  Happy Friday to you!
This is the sixth day when God made Adam
Adam was naming all the creatures too
But there was not found a helper meet for him
So God made a woman and brought her to him
And he called her “Eve”, that’s her name
Oh, Adam and Eve, they were the progenitors of the human race

So Friday is the day, the sixth day
When God made man upon this earth
He had finished making all the herbs, the shrubs and the trees
And the fish and the birds
And the cattle and the beasts
Not the creeping crawly things
He had made everything
Then He made man in His own image

In His image
The Image of God Himself
To be a caretaker of the earth
First He made one man
And He brought the animals
And he named each of them

So the man gave names to each of them
But then there was not anyone for him
So God made him sleep
And He took a rib from the side of the man while he slept

God made a woman from the rib of Adam
And brought her back to Adam’s side
Adam said, “Now this is “Flesh of my flesh,
Bone of my bone
And he called her name as “Eve”
She’s the mother of all living”
He’s the father of all living
Yet they only seemed to have a few children
But the generations passed on
Each generation multiplied of it’s own kind upon the earth

Then the earth was filled with so many people
And they all became wicked
The Lord destroyed them with a flood
Saved only eight
But that is a story for another time

So, it’s the sixth day today when Adam and Eve were brought together
Yeah, this is this day
It’s wonderful, it’s glorious
So this is Family Day.

Gotta remember your spouse,
Man, woman, children, grandchildren all around
Let’s remember this the day when God made man
In His own image to take care of the earth

To subdue the earth and have dominion
Be fruitful and multiply according to your kind
According to your kind
This is the reason we are here
Let’s take care of the earth
And give all the glory to God.

It’s today

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Lyrics – It’s today
Morning again
Rising with the dawn
It’s a new glorious day
What will happen now

It’s a brand new day
That the Lord allowed me to see
Once again

It is morning,
It is morning
It’s the start of a brand new day
It is morning
It is morning
And I stand at the threshold of the day

Sufficient for today are the troubles thereof
There are so many things to do
It’s today
O a brand new day
O the glory of the Lord

O my Lord, please keep me safe
Today as I live

O my Lord
I love you so
I loved you yesterday
From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
Spent with you
Let today be as good
O my Lord
It’s a new, new day

It’s today
I salute you Lord
I give glory to your Name
And honour to my mother
and my father
On Today

O and it is a wonderful day
O today
O today
O today
It’s a day in my hand
I declare the goodness of the Lord to today
And stand as a testament to Him

O today
I declare
It is good
It is today

From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
I declare the goodness of our Precious Lord
And He gives us cause to celebrate

From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
Yeah, the name of the Lord is to be praised
O today
Doing His will
Not just calling him Lord
As I will

I must do His wonderful will today

Subdue the earth
And have dominion
Be fruitful and multiply
Giving glory to the Lord
And being by man’s side
It’s today
It’s today
O yeah.

It’s today
It’s today
It’s today
It’s today
It’s today
It’s today

It’s today….



I cannot tell you how to find your man

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Lyrics – I cannot tell you how to find your man
Oh my chumps are gonna start
Another baby dies
It is the end of that life
Don’t know where that spirit’s gone to find an abode
But it did not find one in my womb

It takes two to make a child
Cannot do it alone
Only once it was tried
And that was the completed work at that time
So it takes two once more again

Searching, searching for someone
For the right person
That I’d want to be the father of my child
Never thought I’d have to search
But look at me right now
I’m starting to search in my heart

Is there anybody there waiting
Is there anybody I didn’t recognise
May the good Lord open my eyes to see the person that He made me for
And realise

First of all the man needs a helper
And so the woman is made for him
Gotta find someone that I can help with
And be compatible with

Gotta find soon
The clock is ticking
Should have been more aware in my youth
Thought it would all happen matter-of-course
But I realise it now
Gotta search from an early age

It’s the purpose of my life
I was made to help someone
To be by his side all the time
It’s not good for man to be alone
And why God made a woman
To be a helper meet to him

But sometimes the man covets somebody else
And loses the one made for him
Sometimes the woman eyes another
And she realises
At that time it was a foolish thing to do

Gotta be careful
Pray to the Lord
Abide always within ourselves
I don’t know the path
Or I would have taken it
So I cannot tell you how to find your man

Just waiting and hoping for the Lord is kind
He will to show
Finally will it happen?  I don’t really know
‘cos maybe someone cursed me then

But it might have been a burden to bear
But the Lord transforms that cross
And it buds with flowers
But no fruit at all
But that is the story of my life.

Still I thank God for the years He’s given me
He is more than anything to me

Oh yes.

Diet and exercise

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Lyrics – Diet and exercise
Got up in the morning after having a night’s sleep
And spent some time with you
Now it’s time to go and exercise my body and my soul
In the gym
In the gym

Gotta get so ready
Got to have a wash
In hot, hot water to refresh
Put on my gym clothes and take a little walk
To the gym that is down the road

Exercsigign well
Starting slow
Having a good warm-up
So that I can exercise will in my body
And feed my soul as well

Starting slow, going on
Speeding up, running well
Having a good workout
Stretching here, there, everywhere
And praising the Lord

Diet and exercise
My father always said
Can solve any problem at all
Gotta eat proper food before the time that I got to go and exercise

Eat good food
Not stuffing
But proper nutritious food
Good food that the Lord designated for the humans t
To eat
Not the animals too

Yeah, there’ food for the animals
But there’s food for humans too
Let’s not mix them up
Lest we become like them
Got to eat what the Lord
O, tell me what it is
Gonna tell you
So listen well

Herbs with seed
Trees with fruit with seed
Animals with cloven hoofs that chew the cud
Fish with fins and scales, both and do not leave one out
Birds that are not scavengers at all

Remember, the animal should have both cloven hoofs and chew the cud
If they has only one, it’s not fit for you to eat
So throw it to the dogs

Oh, there is food for animals to eat
Let’s give them only that
Save the corn, save the wine, save the rice, the barley too
Let’s give them only seedless grass

Oh la la la ….

That’s the diet
Then you exercise
And it all comes together
You will have good health
Now you know
Blessed are you if you do these things
For they are the words God gave to us

Read them in the Bible
Genesis chapter 1 and Exodus.



Cleaning the house

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Lyrics – Cleaning the house
La la la la la la ….
Doing the housework, doing the sink,
Mopping the floor, Cleaning the tiles
Gotto to be true, so very true,
To be so clean and true
Doing the housework, thinking of you

It’s a house that we live in
We clean it for ourselves
Wiping off the dust on the sofa and the floor
So that we don’t breathe it in and get a cold
So we wipe the dust off of the floor

Wiping the sofa, wiping the table
Wiping the dishes in the sink,
Wiping under the table, wiping the table
Cleaning the sink
Wiping the mirror, wiping the towels,
Washing the sponge in a while
Cleaning the lights, so much to be cleaned
There is dust on everything
Gotta clean it daily so that it doesn’t create a stink

Gotta be clean, so very clean
Gotta clean the house
Wipe up all the dust
And turn it all out
And shake the carpet in the garden
Taking all the dust and putting it out
Taking all the udst right out
Spotless clean, so very clean
That’s the way to be

Then we live in a clean house
Breathing only oxygen
All the dust is out of the house
And we can rejoice
A clean house, after a clean body
Getting a workout, all the time
It’s wonderful to exercise the muscles
Mopping the floor , cleaning the tiles
There is so much to be done
Every, every day
There is no dearth, no dearth at all
It is there everyday

So I know when I wake up in the morning
There are dishes in the sink
An aunty I knew used to clean all her dishes
The night before she went to bed
Have a spotless kitchen
No cockroaches, nothing
Not even a rat
That was nice
So clean and nice
That was the way

So many tips from so many people
Everyone has got their own way
In the morning, in the afternoon or even in the evening

There’s a time that suits everybody
Everyone has got their own time
My mother prefers cleaning in the mid morning,
After she has her breakfast

Me too, I think that is good
It’s the right time to clean the house
Have a good breakfast
Then work it out
And the house will be sparkling clean.



The whole tithe

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Lyrics – The whole tithe
O Lord you said,
Bring the whole tithe into my storehouse and watch
I will throw open the gates of heaven
Pour out a blessing so great
You won’t have the space to take it in
It will be so very great

Test me now in this, and see
If I won’t open the gates of heaven for thee
Oh Lord, O Lord, O Lord, I believe
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, O Lord, I see

Lead guitar…

Then I gave You of what I got
All the first part I gave to You as tithe
Now I’m seeing clearly
The gates of heaven
Are open and I rejoice

You are pouring out blessing just like you said
And it’s all coming on my head
O ye people, look and see
What the Lord has done for me
He can do it for thee if you only believe

Give your tithe to the Lord
Bring it to his storehouse
Give it to the poor, the fatherless and the orphan
And the Lord will open the gates of heavn’
And pour you out also
A blessing so great you won’t have room for it

Oh the Lord is faithful
Just believe

Lead guitar….


Give and it will be given to you
A good measure, pressed down, shaken and overflowing
Will be poured into your lap
Just believe and give to those who ask of you
And from the Lord you will receive

Just believe
Just believe
Just believe and give
It will be as the Lord said
Only what the Lord has said , believe

Believe The Lord.

whole tithe

Abide in Me

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Lyrics – Abide in Me
La la la la ….
O my Lord, Your will is very good
All You want is for us to live in love and understanding
Love each other as I have loved you
By this shall all men know you are my disciples

Love each other,
Love as the Lord loved us
Loving us, growing us
Going the extra mile
Loving us, Teaching us, healing us, comforting us
Love of the Lord, Love of the Lord

He said, “I am the Vine, you are the branch”
Without Me, you can’t do anything
Abide in Me, so that you bear much fruit, much fruit
For the glory of the Father, for He is glorified
When you bear much fruit and the fruit survives
Abide in Him, abide in Him
Abide in Him, that’s the only way
Jesus is the Vine and I am the branch
And I do abide in Him
It’s so close to me
And I bear fruit
For the glory of the Father God, for the glory of the Son
For the glory of the Holy Ghost, three in one
“Abide in Me”,  He said, “Abide in Me.
The works of the Father does that I do
That you must do
Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers
Abide in Me, Abide in Me
The Lord Jesus said to Me, “Abide in Me”
Love one another as I have loved you
By this shall all men know you are my disciples

Abide in Me, Abide in Me
By this shall all men know you are my disciples
If you abide in Me, and My Word abide in you
You will bear much fruit for the glory of God

Abide in Me, He said
Abide in Me
So as the Lord Jesus said, we do
He’s the Vine, We are just a branch
He supplies our every need
As we abide in Him
Abiding, abiding, abiding in Him
He said, “Abide”,
I do abide
The Lord Jesus Christ, His life flows through me
And I bear much fruit for the glory of the King
For the glory of the Father God.

Love one another
As I have loved you
By this shall all men know you are my disciples

Abide in Me
Bear much fruit

-      Jesus Christ