Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cleaning the house

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Lyrics – Cleaning the house
La la la la la la ….
Doing the housework, doing the sink,
Mopping the floor, Cleaning the tiles
Gotto to be true, so very true,
To be so clean and true
Doing the housework, thinking of you

It’s a house that we live in
We clean it for ourselves
Wiping off the dust on the sofa and the floor
So that we don’t breathe it in and get a cold
So we wipe the dust off of the floor

Wiping the sofa, wiping the table
Wiping the dishes in the sink,
Wiping under the table, wiping the table
Cleaning the sink
Wiping the mirror, wiping the towels,
Washing the sponge in a while
Cleaning the lights, so much to be cleaned
There is dust on everything
Gotta clean it daily so that it doesn’t create a stink

Gotta be clean, so very clean
Gotta clean the house
Wipe up all the dust
And turn it all out
And shake the carpet in the garden
Taking all the dust and putting it out
Taking all the udst right out
Spotless clean, so very clean
That’s the way to be

Then we live in a clean house
Breathing only oxygen
All the dust is out of the house
And we can rejoice
A clean house, after a clean body
Getting a workout, all the time
It’s wonderful to exercise the muscles
Mopping the floor , cleaning the tiles
There is so much to be done
Every, every day
There is no dearth, no dearth at all
It is there everyday

So I know when I wake up in the morning
There are dishes in the sink
An aunty I knew used to clean all her dishes
The night before she went to bed
Have a spotless kitchen
No cockroaches, nothing
Not even a rat
That was nice
So clean and nice
That was the way

So many tips from so many people
Everyone has got their own way
In the morning, in the afternoon or even in the evening

There’s a time that suits everybody
Everyone has got their own time
My mother prefers cleaning in the mid morning,
After she has her breakfast

Me too, I think that is good
It’s the right time to clean the house
Have a good breakfast
Then work it out
And the house will be sparkling clean.



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