Thursday, 12 September 2013

Diet and exercise

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Lyrics – Diet and exercise
Got up in the morning after having a night’s sleep
And spent some time with you
Now it’s time to go and exercise my body and my soul
In the gym
In the gym

Gotta get so ready
Got to have a wash
In hot, hot water to refresh
Put on my gym clothes and take a little walk
To the gym that is down the road

Exercsigign well
Starting slow
Having a good warm-up
So that I can exercise will in my body
And feed my soul as well

Starting slow, going on
Speeding up, running well
Having a good workout
Stretching here, there, everywhere
And praising the Lord

Diet and exercise
My father always said
Can solve any problem at all
Gotta eat proper food before the time that I got to go and exercise

Eat good food
Not stuffing
But proper nutritious food
Good food that the Lord designated for the humans t
To eat
Not the animals too

Yeah, there’ food for the animals
But there’s food for humans too
Let’s not mix them up
Lest we become like them
Got to eat what the Lord
O, tell me what it is
Gonna tell you
So listen well

Herbs with seed
Trees with fruit with seed
Animals with cloven hoofs that chew the cud
Fish with fins and scales, both and do not leave one out
Birds that are not scavengers at all

Remember, the animal should have both cloven hoofs and chew the cud
If they has only one, it’s not fit for you to eat
So throw it to the dogs

Oh, there is food for animals to eat
Let’s give them only that
Save the corn, save the wine, save the rice, the barley too
Let’s give them only seedless grass

Oh la la la ….

That’s the diet
Then you exercise
And it all comes together
You will have good health
Now you know
Blessed are you if you do these things
For they are the words God gave to us

Read them in the Bible
Genesis chapter 1 and Exodus.



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