Thursday, 12 September 2013

I cannot tell you how to find your man

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Lyrics – I cannot tell you how to find your man
Oh my chumps are gonna start
Another baby dies
It is the end of that life
Don’t know where that spirit’s gone to find an abode
But it did not find one in my womb

It takes two to make a child
Cannot do it alone
Only once it was tried
And that was the completed work at that time
So it takes two once more again

Searching, searching for someone
For the right person
That I’d want to be the father of my child
Never thought I’d have to search
But look at me right now
I’m starting to search in my heart

Is there anybody there waiting
Is there anybody I didn’t recognise
May the good Lord open my eyes to see the person that He made me for
And realise

First of all the man needs a helper
And so the woman is made for him
Gotta find someone that I can help with
And be compatible with

Gotta find soon
The clock is ticking
Should have been more aware in my youth
Thought it would all happen matter-of-course
But I realise it now
Gotta search from an early age

It’s the purpose of my life
I was made to help someone
To be by his side all the time
It’s not good for man to be alone
And why God made a woman
To be a helper meet to him

But sometimes the man covets somebody else
And loses the one made for him
Sometimes the woman eyes another
And she realises
At that time it was a foolish thing to do

Gotta be careful
Pray to the Lord
Abide always within ourselves
I don’t know the path
Or I would have taken it
So I cannot tell you how to find your man

Just waiting and hoping for the Lord is kind
He will to show
Finally will it happen?  I don’t really know
‘cos maybe someone cursed me then

But it might have been a burden to bear
But the Lord transforms that cross
And it buds with flowers
But no fruit at all
But that is the story of my life.

Still I thank God for the years He’s given me
He is more than anything to me

Oh yes.

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