Thursday, 12 September 2013

Not a trouble of today

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Lyrics – Not a trouble of today
La la la la ….
Well, you know, I’ve a got a trouble
That I’m wondering about now
And the Lord showed to me
And I realise
It is not a trouble of today.

It’s about tomorrow
When something happens
So I needn’t worry about it now
Not today
Not today
It is not a trouble of today

So I’m free from it
Today has got it’s problem
Got to face the troubles
Got to face the problems
Got to find the solutions
For today
That is all that I need to do
Just face the troubles of today

And there are no troubles
To speak about
‘Cos what was troubling me is not for today
So I am free and relaxed
I can go to sleep
‘Cos today is over
Today is over
I just lie down
I must dream
It’s the night now
The day is ended
There is no more of today to be had

Had a good day today
Did so many things
Didn’t have any problems that I found
That the Lord
Solved them for me
And He showed me a way

So today is over now
I just got the night

Just got to sleep now
And relax
And rest tonight
It is something that I need
I need a good night’s sleep

That’s the trouble that’s remaining
For today
In the night

Lead guitar….

Ooh, already
I feel sleep
Coming over me
So I’m gonna sleep
And I hope
That I see
And I get refreshed when I wake
It’s a secret
Don’t see my dreams
Because you’ve got your own
So please take care of them
And I’ll take care of my own
Got to do that today.

Not a trouble


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