Thursday, 12 September 2013

The whole tithe

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Lyrics – The whole tithe
O Lord you said,
Bring the whole tithe into my storehouse and watch
I will throw open the gates of heaven
Pour out a blessing so great
You won’t have the space to take it in
It will be so very great

Test me now in this, and see
If I won’t open the gates of heaven for thee
Oh Lord, O Lord, O Lord, I believe
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, O Lord, I see

Lead guitar…

Then I gave You of what I got
All the first part I gave to You as tithe
Now I’m seeing clearly
The gates of heaven
Are open and I rejoice

You are pouring out blessing just like you said
And it’s all coming on my head
O ye people, look and see
What the Lord has done for me
He can do it for thee if you only believe

Give your tithe to the Lord
Bring it to his storehouse
Give it to the poor, the fatherless and the orphan
And the Lord will open the gates of heavn’
And pour you out also
A blessing so great you won’t have room for it

Oh the Lord is faithful
Just believe

Lead guitar….


Give and it will be given to you
A good measure, pressed down, shaken and overflowing
Will be poured into your lap
Just believe and give to those who ask of you
And from the Lord you will receive

Just believe
Just believe
Just believe and give
It will be as the Lord said
Only what the Lord has said , believe

Believe The Lord.

whole tithe

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